About us

Maintenance is a unique business process and reliability engineering and condition monitoring forms the nerve centre (eyes and ears) of maintenance.

Ok Tedi Mining Limited mine has invested heavily over the years in its reliability engineering and condition monitoring function, particularly in its human resources skills development and attainment of world recognised certifications. GRRS is a direct result of this development in Ok Tedi Mining Limited’s plan to develop the industry.

There is now a real need for professional asset maintainers especially with major infrastructure asset investments and development happening in Papua New Guinea particularly in the mining and petroleum industry as well as in the public sector with the government now facing the challenge to effectively maintain public utilities and assets to sustain and improve on the services that it provides. The GRRS is being formed in anticipation of collectively utilizing the various knowledge, skills and experience accumulated over the years while providing reliability engineering and condition monitoring support services to the various production and maintenance departments throughout Ok Tedi Mining’s operations. GRRS is confident of delivering its services as an independent business entity and provides professional advice on asset maintenance management outside and after Ok Tedi.

GRRS provides employment to more than 30 plus people throughout Papua New Guniea. GRRS is a business asset for the highly skilled and enterprising Papua New Guineans not only for revenue generating purposes but also as a development partner for maximising the benefits of the developments brought about by the mining and petroleum boom by investing in human resource development of its people, particularly in the areas of reliability engineering and predictive maintenance technology and their applications.

GRRS focuses on effective asset maintenance management utilizing reliability engineering and predictive maintenance or condition monitoring technologies.