Arman Kambiu

Managing Director

A bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering with over 7 years’ experience years within the mining & petroleum sector. Running a Reliability Centered Maintenance and Conditioning Monitoring Company, the first of its kind in Papua New Guinea is not an easy task. It takes great risks and time involved and the right team that will be supportive and be willing to push for achievement beyond what is expected.

Consisting of some of Papua New Guineans best Technicians, Tradesman and Engineers the Dream is to be able to discourse Reliability and Conditioning based maintenance to be practiced in all PNG industries. Equally training young Papua New Guineans to practice and acquire skills associated with Reliability, Condition Monitoring, and Maintenance Engineering.

GRRS is managed and run by a team of Papua New Guinean nationals who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in managing their respective areas of responsibility. It also has associates within the country and abroad who are ready to advice and assist from time to time on speciality areas should the need arises.

GRRS believes in maintaining quality as the top priority in every aspect its services, therefore maintaining and hiring skilled workforce is an integral part of GRRS.

The management team comprises of current professionals. They are responsible for the overall planning, organising, directing and controlling of the day to day running of the firm.
Key players in the management team are Peter Apakali, Arman Kambiu, Philip Onaga, Dema Begari, Robin Wavite, Raphael Virgil, and John Richard.