Decisions made during the Design, Construction and Commissioning phase such as reliability, maintainability, logistics and operating concepts will influence our clients’ life cycle costs. One of GRRS’s aims is to provide either a second or third eye and act as an independent reviewer (of the design). GRRS ideal intent is to be involved in the initial stages rather than arriving at the site well after it was designed, bought, installed and commissioned. For the maximum benefit to our clients, GRRS hope to use its expertise and be in a position to request a cost of ownership evaluation from our clients’ suppliers/manufacturers of equipment. Being late onto the scene would mean inheriting any future problems that may be due to lack of foresight in the decisions made.

The success, high production or efficient service delivery at the minimum costs, during the operation/Support phase is determined during the Design, Construction and Commissioning phase. The Operation/Support phase is where about 80% of the cost of running an operation or delivering a service will be incurred.

However, GRRS understands that a large portion of its targeted market have clients with assets already well into the Operation/Support phase and who are being challenged to increase production or services delivery at the lowest cost possible. Having established its targeted market GRRS primary focus is to provide its clients with quality Maintenance Management advice, Reliability Engineering and Predictive Maintenance/Condition Monitoring (PdM/CM) services during the Operation/Support phase. GRRS believes in on-going continuous improvements and we are confident that we can continue to facilitate for cost-conscious improvements to be made to avoid incurring of additional high costs by providing our clients’ visibility on their cost of ownership during this Operation/Support phase.

We intend using our resources to model the assets and from this modelling developed appropriate asset management strategies for our clients.

During the Disposal phase and if the assets are well managed, there will be still some operating life in them and the clients’ can sell them off for handsome revenues.